Images of the Fox Family

Descendants of Anthony and Julia (Leffingwell) Fox

These images are mostly from the album of my grandmother, Maude (Fox) Bingham, daughter of George Washington and Clara Jane (Mitchell) Fox. To see a full-size image, click on the "thumbnail." To copy or save an image, right click and select "save picture as." Please drop me a line to tell what you know about these people and/or to identify unknown individuals.

In July 2001, Joyce (Hoover) Silva, daughter of Ruth (Fox) Hoover supplied me with additional images (presumably from her mother's album), which I have added to this portfolio (these additional images are identified as H01 . . . etc.)

"GW Fox's first school" (F29)

"GW Fox, Teacher" (detail from F29) (F30)

"Harry Fox" (detail from F29) (F31)

"Fox House, Boulder, Montana." Inscribed: "Fox family - Esther, Grandpa George Fox, Clara Jane, Ethel, ---, Maude, Lucile" (F14)

"Fox House, Boulder." Detail from F14. (F15)

"GW Fox Family." Snapshot; inscription on back: "G. W. Fox & wife & Ruth." (F21)

"GW Fox 16th Anniversary Invitation" (F22)

"Fox House Pocatello." Legend: "George Fox, Ruth Fox (Pocatello)" (Could third person in picture be Harry?)  The Address of the GW Fox House in Pocatello was 653 North Arthur (F16)

"Fox House Pocatello," detail (George). (F17)

"Fox House Pocatello," detail (Ruth). (F18)

"Fox House Pocatello," detail (Harry?). (F19)

Albion State Normal School Glee Club.  Post card format.  On back: "Maude Bingham in back row under arrow" [i.e., Maude Fox, second from right]

"GW Fox" (F32)

"Clara Jane & Rupp." Snapshot; inscription on back: "4 generations - Clara Jane Mitchell Fox, Ethel Fox Rupp, Mildred Rupp, child" and stamped number "109."  Joyce Silva had identified the child as Mildred's daughter, Carol. (F05)

"Clara Jane (Mitchell) Fox" -- obviously at the same time and in the same location. (F06)

"Clara Jane and Bingham 1941." Left to right, Clara Jane (Mitchell) Fox, Margene Bingham (my sister, then four), Maud Fern (Fox) Bingham, Richard Norman Bingham, and Norman Elijah Bingham. Picture taken on the Bingham family farm in Groveland (near Blackfoot), Idaho. (F04)

Clara Jane with Afton (Bingham) Biggs, her daughter, Diane, and her mother, Maud (H04)

"Harry Fox"  (H02)

"Harry Fox, Exalted Ruler of Elks Lodge in Pocatello" (H05)

"Mabel [Weideman] and Harry Fox" (H03)

"Alice Fox." Portrait in beautifully simulated alligator-skin folder with the inscription "The Prater Studio, Pocatello, Idaho." Is this Harry's daughter, granddaughter of GW & Clara? (F01)

"Harry Fox's daughters."  Alice and Mildred, we assume.  (H01)

"Alice Fox." On cover: "Idaho Photo Studio, Pocatello, Idaho." Assumed to be the same as the previous "Alice Fox," all grown up? (F02)

This image from my mother's album was identified by my mother as a daughter of Harry Fox, with her children. She could not remember the daughter's name or the names of the children.  Am inclined to think the daughter is Alice (see F01 and F02), but can't be certain. (F23)

"Harry's kids": small portrait (2x4) from the Prater Studio Pocatello, with this inscription on back of folder: "Alice and Mildred Fox - Harry's daughters." (F24)

"Fox daughters." Postcard format. Inscription: "Ethel Fox - coat; Maude Fox - dark dress; Ruth -curls." Stamp block: "AZO" Is the fellow Harry? Who is the girl in the light dress and the baby in the rocker? Could they be Harry's wife Mabel and daughter, Alice? (F13)


"Ethel and Maud" (H06)


"Maud and Ethel Fox" (F35)

Maud Fox (H08)

"Maude Fox, grad. at Boulder." "H. S. graduating class, 1906, Boulder, Montana." [Looks more like eighth graders to me. I wonder if those three boys knew how lucky they were to be attending school with five truly beautiful women (girls)?] (F33)

"Maud Fox" (F34).  The same image was supplied to me by Joyce (Hoover) Silva, with a charming inscription on the front, "This is me," addressed to: "Mrs. G. W. Fox, 653 North Arthur, Pocatello, Idaho," with  a postmark, which is a bit faded, but appears to be dated 12 August 1911, from North Lo..."

"Clarence, Lucille, Grenville, Dortha Gibbs" (F28)

"Clarence Gibbs family -- Clarence, Lucille, Grenville, Dorotha, Bob, Dick." By Meiners, Burley, Ida. (F07)

"Bob and Mickey Smith and Grenville Gibbs" (F26)

"Esther" (H10)

"Esther Fox 1925." This is a daughter of George and Clara, b. 1898. Imprint: Link Tiffany Studios, Ogden, Utah. (F09)


"Esther Fox" Presumably the same as F09. (F10)

"Esther Fox" Older now. Inscription, Esther and Andy Anderson. Folder imprint: Fairmont Hotel, Nob Hill, San Francisco (F11).  Per Joyce Silva:  Andy Anderson was Esther's third husband.


"Esther Fox" (F12)


"Bob and Bill Smith" (Esther's kids) (F25)


"Bob, Esther, and Bill Smith (F27)

"Ethel Alto and Mother."  "Mother" here is Clara Jane (Ruth's mother).  Hoping to identify "Ethel Alto"  (H09)

Carl and Ruth Hoover and Family:  Joyce, Sally, John, and Judy (1958) (H11)

"Carl and Ruth (Fox) Hoover"  (H07)

"Bert Fox Family." Legend: "? - Ross - Aunt Cal - Earl - Uncle Bert - Ollie (the Bert Fox Family)." Imprint on folder: Dole Studio, Lincoln.  Mary Ann Legris identifies these folk as Ben, Ross, Clarinda, Earl, Albert, and Ollie. (F03)


"Earl Fox." Is this Albert's son? Appears to have been taken in the 1930's or 1940's. (F08)

"Geo & Millie Fox." Identified on back with note that Geo. was son of Aaron & Nellie Fox. (F20)